Thursday, November 1, 2007


We got up this morning with good intentions and got on the road for 7:30 am Mass at St. Bernard's on time. Then, it hit.
Crash Closes East I-275 In Taylor Mill
We were in some of the worst non-weather related gridlock I have seen in my life. We sat in the middle lane for almost an hour, missed Mass, dealt with bored kids(thankfully they all went to the bathroom before we left). I called Mr. Thorn, panicked, realized any thought of even getting there a few minutes late were out of the question and my claustrophobia kicked in. Mr. Thorn said to pray a rosary. We did. We prayed for the people who may have been hurt and that we might have a miracle and get out of there somehow. I then saw a bit of hope that included a gravel turn-around. I put on my blinker to get in the left lane and some kind person let me over. I told the kids to hold on as we did a Dukes of Hazzard maneuver to u-turn and get the heck out of there. The nature of the traffic left us with little options and they had closed down the interstate entirely and there were no exits or re-routing involved.
I took the kids to breakfast and reminded them that we would go to Mass later. I also believe the only reason we were given a "way out" was through prayer. Every time the bridge started to tremble from the weight of the cars, I started to panic. Even though we did not get to Mass, as planned, it afforded me a life lesson with the kids and how prayer can open a "way out" when you feel stuck. We didn't just feel stuck, we were stuck. A little miracle but I was thankful God looked on us, as pitiful as we were, and had mercy. What a way to start a holy day.


Tracy said...

Oh, I'm so glad you were all o.k.
And you did just what God asks you to do.. "In all things give thanks" you spent the time in the car in prayer and that is always good and you asked God for his help to safely get out of this situation and he did indeed help you.

God sure worked his Grace for you and your kids today!

Happy Saints Day!!

Lily said...

I panic on bridges as well, I don't handle being stuck on one with any grace at all. You did quite well. I always pray when I drive, but I think I would have panicked on the bridge anyway. Glad you are all okay.

Anonymous said...

Scary! Glad you're all safe & sound...

cordelia said...

what a way to start the day!! happy all souls day!