Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Do Not Be Afraid

(Borrowed from Amber)
Just what I needed
After a long day of tears and loss of hope, I stumbled upon this entry about Matthew 14: 22-36. I told my mom today that the hardest part of this pain is knowing I have no priest to help me through, no one to talk to. Some of you may not understand that but it is a very difficult time for me as I have no spiritual direction. The lesson: do not ever take a good and holy parish priest for granted. When life is full of uncertainties and darkness, God will use them to help make sense of things that are senseless. I want that hope and part of my life back but I don't know when or where that will happen. They are truly a gift from God. Thank you, Amber, for sharing your insight on this scripture.


Anonymous said...

I agree that a good priest is a wonderful gift. We are in the unfortunate situation of not having the best priest for things of a personal nature like this, but he is excellent about Church history and continues to take some classes on modernism "stuff". :P I'm always very interested when he talks about these things in his homilies, even tho' I know he's putting all the other parishiners to sleep! LOL

God Bless!

Lily said...

We also have a priest very interested in church history. I asked for help recently with an issue and he answered that he didn't know how to help. I was floored. It was not a complicated issue. I needed some spiritual guidance and the poor man had no clue how to give it.

Part of the problem (IMO) is that many people do not look for spiritual guidance these days. Before he was transfered I had a great spiritual adviser. At that time we lived in a large archdiocese and the parish had over 2,000 families. The priest said I was one of ten who ever asked him for spiritual direction.

I am praying for good blood work results, did you already have the testing?

God bless,

a thorn in the pew said...

I was there at the lab first thing this am and they marked it as STAT and almost 2 hrs later, no results. I'm not holding up well.

Ma Beck said...

Praying for you, Thornie.

Amber said...

Wow... just when I think what I post in a blog doesn't really have any effect on anyone, I stumble upon THIS post... I'm glad that what I posted that day was able to help you in your hour of need. God works in amazing ways, doesn't He?

May God give you peace at this time and may you hear Him when He says, "Be not afraid!"

I will pray for you... God bless.