Friday, August 17, 2007

Discouraged and disgusted.

I have been busy with the back to school things the past few days. Came back from vacation, feeling refreshed and hopeful. Then knowing there will be parishes here offering the extraordinary rite, again, hopeful. Today we find out the parish we wanted to join will not be having any such Mass. At this point, I don't think any will in our diocese. Why? There is a "buzz" about some magic number of 100 faithful needed to have such a thing in place/considered. Wha???? Has anyone heard of this lucky #100? (PLEASE TELL ME IN THE COMBOX) Is this some new spin from the USCCB? Is this some local bunk? I'm disgusted. Thoroughly. I want to move, I want out of here. I don't see things getting better. I'm sick of things being determined, in this diocese, by the almighty dollar. I admit that I have been putting in donations at the weekly Tridentine at our cathedral but maybe it's doing more harm than good(I appreciate that Mass but it is "with approval" Don't see our local diocese having anything other than "that Mass". We don't have to be obedient, he's only the Pope. Right?) I can tell you there is still much(much, much) in the way of "traditional dollars" going over the river to Cincinnati(Sacred Heart and Old St. Mary's). We maybe heading to Cincinnati if the motu proprio is squashed or ignored here in Covington. What's the point in staying? 100 people. As Archie Bunker would say "Good night nurse!"
Our current parish has said "absolutely no plans for anything Latin" among other insane issues and I'm too tired to fight anymore. Again, money more important than souls there too so, buh-bye. Money is the root of all evil. Too stinkin' true.

So much for not needing permission. This is a bunch of garbage and something definitely smells. Right now my hope is that I am wrong and we will see our diocese flourish spiritually. If I am right, we have a papal exhortation being ignored and/or misinterpreted by our diocese. God help us! I don't want to be part of this black spiritual hole anymore.

If I were a baby that understood spiritual warfare, I'd look like this:


Alexander said...

You have one hope. Fr. Fitzgerald told me that there was something going on to get daily TLMs going somewhere around there and basically not at the Cathedral.

Alexander said...

And you do not need 100 people. There is no set amount.

a thorn in the pew said...

That is good news and would be even better if it is in Covington(where the daily will be). I hope to have some encouraging news this week. Thanks for the tip.

Ma Beck said...

Move, Thornie.
Chicago is paradise.

That photo is adorable, BTW.

a thorn in the pew said...

There is that issue of ice and snow....and the wind....

I need sweet tea and warm breeze...haha.
Isn't that baby a hoot?