Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nunc hic aut numquam

It's Elvis. Only Latin.

Crooner 'with a calling' sings Elvis ... in Latin

Maybe this would be a good home school resource? Meh....I dunno. Here is his website:

Dr. Ammondt
I might be either a nerd or odd but this is funny stuff.


Seven times blessed said...

Believe it or not-- I have heard this-- I'm not really sure how to explain what it is like, and I can't say I want to ever hear it again--very strange. --and it was a homeschool mother who has it for us to listen to. Go figure. God bless

Lily said...

The singer, Dr. Ammondt, just doesn't have the same appeal onstage, does he? He would look good in one of Elvis' white jumpsuits ;-)