Friday, August 17, 2007

I found some interesting comments...

Random but here they are:

When I asked him about this after Mass, he acknowledged that priests in “theory” have the right to celebrate the older form of Mass – but in practice, where the bishop does not wish for the older rite to be celebrated, that he and his fellow priests cannot and will not celebrate it. He said he must be obedient to the bishop; otherwise he will be “punished”.
My fear is that this is true. The priest has no real rights in these matters – they cannot appeal to the “union” if you will. If they appeal to Rome, the bishop is informed and the priest is further punished. This particular priest has written to Rome and the Archbishop had a copy of his letter when he confronted him about it. He told me the bishops have too much power. He said even the laymen have more power than they do. I live in a very liberal area in the United States – If it wasn’t for the indult Mass I would have been suffering in a major way. I certainly empathize with those of you who are not blessed to have had Indult Mass in your area.(this man was speaking to his parish priest)

Next(from the Q&A):
13. Who regulates the implementation of this Apostolic Letter?

The Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei is charged with assuring proper observance and application of the norms of the Apostolic Letter.

Now, the Ecclesia Dei Commission and USCCB are NOT the same. Is this who we go to? Should we have them on speed dial?(

This power issue is huge as it will effect a diocese as well as our seminaries. I will pray for our bishop and our priests. There are faithful Catholics here that feel abandoned. There are many of us in this diocese willing to help with money, time and talent if just given the chance. St. John Vianney, pray for us.


Mac McLernon said...

Thorn, my PP says that the Bishops have no rights in this matter - and any priest who was threatened with disciplinary action over the celebration of the Extraordinary form would only have to appeal to Rome, and the Bishop would get an earful. That's why so many Bishops were against Summorum Pontificum being issued: it put the power for this FIRMLY in the hands of the parish priests.

If you are really concerned, get a petition up in your parish, of a group of people who want the extraordinary form. You then present it to the PP who can show it to his Bishop. Under the terms of Summorum Pontificum, the Bishop has to make provision for you. And, if he doesn't then YOU have the right to appeal to Rome. Your PP can point out that you're ready to go higher, and that to keep things sweet, he would be willing to celebrate Mass in the Old Rite... (or whatever!)

And what "punishment" does a parish priest have to fear anyway? He can't be "sacked" !

a thorn in the pew said...

But see, this magic # of 100 is being held over us in this diocese. Just as the comment I found states, a parish priest can be punished. Not just for this but other things and it's not right but it is done. Trust me. I have yet to read of this number elsewhere. A local parish had a group of 45 that wanted the TLM and they were denied. The other families(including us) that would have joined this parish would have brought that number closer to 80 but it still wouldn't have been enough. I'm determined to find something positive in all this. Locally, that is.

Lily said...

My PP told me to keep in mind this Pope is more of a scholar and theoretician than any Pope in the last few centuries, therefore he puts out statements to stimulate discussions and they aren't laws. He followed up by telling me that he will NEVER say the Latin Mass and he sees no need for it in the average parish. He said just as people would not go to all ball game or listen to the radio if they couldn't understand the language, people will not attend Mass if they do not understand the language.

I'm still hoppin' over that one. We will still be traveling.

Mac McLernon said...

Sorry, Thorn, but the "100" limit is bunk. Seriously, once 14th September comes, write to your Bishop asking for an Old Rite Mass - he is OBLIGED to make provision. Then send a copy of his letter on to Rome (and tell him that you're doing so) if you get a dusty answer.