Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Details, schmeetails...

I wanted to wait until I heard back from the doctor's office on the lab work. I had them do a progesterone test at the same time. It's official. On the progesterone, it is high. 55. I have been using pro-gest cream but minimally. They want to retest me next week. It should be in the 9-47 range and it's 55. What does it mean? Um, maybe multiples to the best of my Google knowledge. They are getting me in to see the doctor fairly quickly. I spent most of the day crying when I found out because I've had dozens of negative tests and really wasn't expecting anything. I did have spotting on day 27-28 of the cycle. Implantation? Dunno. Two and a half long years(I know many wait much longer). I will say, I received my St. Gerard handkerchief this month. I will continue to pray for those still waiting for the gift of children. You girls kept me going and gave me hope when I felt hopeless. So I am doing everything I can in a proactive manner this time around. One baby aspirin, one application of pro-gest per day, folic acid, B6 and Red Raspberry Leaf. And NO caffeine. Thank you all for your prayers and kindness. I will report when I have news. I hope and pray it is good. Thank you, St. Gerard, St. Philomena and St. Maria Goretti for prayers answered.


Ma Beck said...

That St. Gerard is EN FUEGO!
I am SO thrilled for you - like you, I continue to pray for those who are still waiting for their babies.
Hopefully more good news will be coming soon for all of them.

Lily said...

Do you have a St. Gerard medal? I always wore one during my pregnancies.

There is actually a website somewhere that sends free St. Gerard medals, now that I think of it. I will try to find it for you today.

a thorn in the pew said...

Thank you all and yes, I should get a St. Gerard medal.