Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Vocation article

I found an article from Inside the Vatican archives of interest.
Aug.-Sept. 2005
“How Bishops Discourage Vocations (and the Key to Attracting Them)”

Leaving aside the question of whether the Lord is going to bless dissent with abundant vocations is the other more practical question of what young man, firmly committed to and in love with the Lord and His Church, is going to seek ordination in a diocese where the clergy has a reputation for chewing up orthodox people, both clerical and lay, and spitting them out? Martyrdom is sometimes inevitable, but what sane person seeks it?

Interesting take but oh so true. If my children were interested in a vocation, I'd make sure it was somewhere they wouldn't have to hide, suppress or be ashamed of their orthodoxy. Covington would not be an option(at least not presently, I can pray for change). What I have seen happen here literally keeps me awake at night. I pray, it haunts me, I try to turn it over to God and His mercy.

There is no secret to attracting vocations. There are plenty of them out there. A bishop who tolerates dissent and ignores abuses will not attract them. A bishop who boldly stands up for Christ and His Church, and Church teachings, despite all costs and opposition, will attract them.

These young people are the future of the Church. Whether or not they are welcomed into their rightful place to which the Lord is calling them lies in the hands of each individual bishop.



Lily said...

WOW! Great find!

Servus Dei said...

Continue to pray for our diocese, and for all of the dioceses in the US. There are many good men who are answering the call to the priesthood, and the priests are starting to turn towards God more and more. It may be many years before more Traditional Masses are being offered, but things are getting better in our diocese and nation. But we still need to keep asking God for His grace of conversion. Continue to pray!

St. Paul, patron of our diocese, pray for us!

Anonymous said...

Let us continue to pray!