Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ew. Creepy.

I just answered the door to find a government official and I panicked. After the way my life has been lately, I'm thinking "What did I get myself into now!?" Turns out, he is doing a background check on a girl that entered the military and wanting to know about her, her family and whatever general information I could offer. I was still scared. Government is scary. He asked about the father and I had to tell the truth. I think he abuses his stepson. This dear teenage boy has been so kind and is in such pain over the loss of his father(he died) and he is alone and scared mostly. So I told him, he asked the questions and I answered. I hope it was meant to be. It is painful to see a kid abused. I can't just sit and do nothing at all. My family keeps praying, maybe this is an answer to our prayers.

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Lily said...

I admire you for your courage, you are a brave woman. Creepy is right. Maybe it is an answer to your prayers. I will pray for this family.