Friday, June 15, 2007

Temp readings (girl stuff warning)

For my "fertility friends"(for lack of a better term), my temp spiked AGAIN this morning. It's day 24 and it spiked once on day 21 so I will have to hunt down what it all means. I am fairly sure I have what is called a late thermal surge so my temps have some delay when ovulation occurs. I am on month 3 of Clomid and may call my ob/gyn today to better handle next month. If this double temp rise is just a fluke, I need to supplement or get some other support for the next cycle. I continue to pray, we are open to adoption and I am blessed with 3 children. I have to remember that always.
As I hear from other NFP families, you always desire more children. We have been trying 2 years since the miscarriage without a positive. It is hard not to get frustrated. Most doctors don't want to deal with us because we have no interest in invitro. Whatever. My insurance won't cover anything related to fertility either. They will cover BC and Viagra but not fertility. Poops. Our country is wonky. I knew the insurance was wonky but it is a greater problem of American wonkiness. Wonkiness. That will be the word of the day. Be sure and use it in a sentence.


Ma Beck said...

Oooh, that's a good sign!
Could your chart be triphasic, or whatever they call it?
A lot of people think triphasic is some wonky urban legend, but who knows??

a thorn in the pew said...

"A" for being encouraging and A+ for using "wonky" in a sentence.

I plan on looking this up later tonight.