Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My favorite summer tonic!

Nothing like a tall Blue Moon in a frosty pilsner with a slice of orange! Served with bah-bee-que, yum.

If you haven't tried one, order it next time with anything grilled on a hot day. Report back. You have your orders, now go!


Ma Beck said...

I also like the taste of Blue Moon, but even one gives me a monster headache.

Christopher said...

Id have to Dis agree i'm not a blue moon fan, I hear its better out of the tap but I was not a Fan out of the bottle.


I'm waiting for the end of summer for Sam Adam's Oktoberfest to come out

Thats a keeper

a thorn in the pew said...

It is better on tap. I've had the bottle and it tastes more "Coor's-y". In the right environment it is tasty. We have Warsteiner and Hofbrau here which I enjoy sometimes.