Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And now for something completely different...

Holy Grail buried under Roman basilica?

According to tradition, Pope Sixtus II entrusted all the treasures of the Church to Lawrence, a deacon in Rome. Some accounts testify that the Holy Grail was among those treasures. St. Lawrence himself was martyred in 258, and the basilica was built on the spot of his death.

How cool would it be if it were true? I think it is an intriguing story regardless of the validity. Speculation of its whereabouts are enough for me. Okay, that and the fact some nut doesn't have it in a cave in Russia.

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Anita Moore said...

Of course, the really cool thing about our faith is that every church houses the Holy Grail, because every chalice that's used in the Mass is the Holy Grail!