Thursday, June 21, 2007

Painting with kids

I spent the day teaching the kids to paint. There is a new product called "liquid watercolors" and while they are cool, I need to fine tune my instructions on craft projects. Sometimes crafts become an occasion of sin for me if I blow my stack. Lets put it this way....they are SUPER pigmented. I purchased some bleed paper that allows the color to have a batik effect and also blend the colors as it is very fibrous. To make a long story short, the paint bled through everything and was way to dark since I did not add water first. Next time, I will know. Best part was the kids had fun and it cleaned up easily. If I have time later, I will share photos of our projects. We attempted underwater scenes first and florals second. Supposedly these work great on coffee filters. I'm worn out after that and lunch time. We got our Latin text books today! Don't know if I am up for that. My goal is to teach them all rosary prayers by heart by the end of summer.

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