Monday, June 4, 2007

Babies for singles and seniors. Knew this was coming...

Children without sex is what the future holds, claims inventor of the Pill

After reading this, I can see where selfish whips in their 60's who want to leave a legacy could try to have babies late in life to leave a legacy.

The Pill gave women freedom from the fear of pregnancy and the horror of backstreet abortion, but many see it as a cursed invention that is almost single-handedly to blame for the sexual revolution which brought about — as its critics see it — a wholesale collapse of moral values across the Western world.

Djerassi does not concur with this damning verdict on the legacy of his invention. He argues that society was changing anyway; the Pill just smoothed the way.

"The sexual revolution of the Sixties coincided with the introduction of the Pill — the Pill did not bring it about," he says bluntly. "The Pill came along at the right time, in the same period as hippy culture, the drug culture and rock ’n’ roll culture.

Bleak and shallow. As someone "not in my prime" trying to conceive, the whole notion of this is alarming and cold. Is anyone really surprised? Playing God has become commonplace. Now a woman can use her "eggs" anytime she wants to...

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Micki said...

And maybe God will make those "eggs" fried or scrambled instead of sunny side up.

I always heard that "seniors" didn't have babies because they might put them down and then forget where they put them. :-))