Sunday, June 3, 2007

An adjustment period...

Ok, wow. Sunday afternoon and I'm realizing this summer is going to take some work. I haven't had the time to blog much as life took over and my usual morning and evening blog time are now filled with tending to kids and having to closely monitor my son who is going through drastic med changes. Respite has been here twice and my husband and I got to go for a nice dinner last night. I think it is good that they will be here a lot over the month of June since my oldest needs extra supervision, even in the house. He was so bad earlier today that he had to leave halfway through Mass and felt so bad having to do so. I need extra prayers for him.

I also feel that I am stuck in this spiritual holding pattern right now in so many areas. It feels like I'm not going forward or backward but I'm not real crazy about being stuck. I have to trust God is allowing me to go through this for a reason but with all the drama and garbage here locally, I'm just plain burnt out. Just being honest. I keep telling myself this won't be forever and so I take comfort in that but it's the daily "stuff" that gets to me much more. I need to work on the things with my kids that I said I wanted to do. My oldest wants me to work on Latin with him because they no longer teach it at their school. If I was more proficient, I would consider helping with that at school but I am just so-so. I also need to get this vacation planned, reservations made and be done with it. I'm trying to do Florida on a budget without compromising the relaxing/kid aspect and it's challenging.
On another note, I hope to get my morning coffee and blogging back, somehow. All the kids home has caused me to shift my focus and schedule and so about the time I get used to that, they will be back in school. We did get a small 10 ft pool for the kids and I will probably take them out there this afternoon. I have respite here tomorrow and they can do that for me while I work. I miss visiting my favorite blogs. Life kind of took over and I will need to adjust accordingly.

Dignum et iustum est...

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