Saturday, May 26, 2007

Yeah, I'm still here

We took a break for station identification and went to an Embassy Suites with the kids last night. I actually escaped the real world for something besides work. They didn't know we were going and I was trying hard to be vague. I met my husband at the hotel and we checked in and then went to the Manager's Reception in the atrium for about a half hour. Free drinks(yes, the adult version too) and lots of snacks, dips and such. So much for dinner. We then went to the pool and hot tub which was very cool(it had a waterfall) and we tried to wear them out. It got very crowded so we left in the early evening, cleaned up and went to dinner at Applebee's. By that time, they were falling asleep at the table to we came back to the hotel and we were all wiped out. In the morning, they had a complementary breakfast bar complete with made-to-order pancakes and omelets, bagels, meats, cereal, etc. So that was our night. Today I am back to real life and dealing with customers, and trying to get work done.
I had a meeting regarding my oldest son which went very well at school yesterday. I am praying so hard for everything to work out for our family. I know the priest that is staying is such a good man and he really has his plate full with such a growing parish. He is going to need our prayers and support but I have faith in him. If I think my last year has been difficult, I can only imagine what his has been like. I heard we have a most excellent seminarian who will be with us this summer too. Things are definitely looking up and I really can't ask for more.
Oh, also, I had a meeting with the nursing facility that will be providing respite for the boys(or for me, I should say). I have to use 80 hours between now and July 1st. That's 80 per boy. I know the boys will like it and hopefully they can work on some sensory issues with them, especially my oldest. I am off to sew and get something accomplished. Did I mention I lost 12 lbs.? That's very cool too. I hope this lasts...
Addition: I forgot to add that I found out our new choir/music director wants to become Jewish. Um, wow. My kids pegged it, I didn't give any opinion on her and the first day she played my middle son said "she's not Catholic". Kids know. She has never acknowledged the altar or gone to communion. Now all the crazy music makes perfect sense. It didn't matter if it sounded Catholic, Protestant or Buddhist. She has no interest in the Church. Oh Lord help us!

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