Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Parent's rights. None.

More school issues. Just when I think it's the end of the year and I am about to be free from this constant battle, it continues. My child, who is autistic and making his first communion, had to practice receiving the "wine" as he called it. Not happy. Steaming might be as kind of a word as I can muster. When my rights, which I have expressed since the beginning of the year are ignored or defiantly by-passed, I get angry. If I had neglected or was vague about my wish that he receive communion on the tongue ONLY and no precious blood(or as they call it "The Wine"), it would be different. I was VERY specific, detailed and went through all the proper channels. While you cannot force anyone to receive communion one way or the other, you cannot force them to practice YOUR WAY. Especially with an autistic child who is obedient and does everything he is told. I was seriously ready to go postal this afternoon when he told me. I need to add that my concern over this is two-fold. First, with texture and taste sensitivities, I worry about him receiving the precious blood. Second, since we regularly attend the local indult, I do not want him confused. These are both major concerns. If I was a typical "I don't care about how it's done" parent, normal child, this wouldn't be an issue. I have been very open, honest, truthful and professional in all my dealings regarding this most important sacrament.

So I will have to deal with this all over again. There are only 3 children receiving on the tongue out of the whole class. Sad. If I come out of the week in one piece it will be a miracle. I'm coming unglued over the bad theology, superseding the parents authority and disrespect for my rights as a parent. Yes, I know, this is why parents home school. Did I mention my kindergartner had to practice "communion" with Starburst and kool-aid in dixie cups a few weeks ago? Kindergarten. Even she was smart enough to say she didn't want to do it. I need a solution.

On another note, I did have a consult with St. Thomas Aquinas Academy yesterday that went really well. They recommended I home school my oldest the first year. He is the one furthest behind that has been so lost in his outrageously large class this year. I am already in the process of scheduling a meeting to see what will happen next year. I need closure on this and need to do what is best for my children. I will be praying a lot this week and discussing things with my husband. It breaks my heart to see the loss of faith, sacredness and truth where we are currently. Just make it through Sunday, just make it through Sunday....


Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

I am really very sorry.

Have you noticed how obsessed american cathloics are with receiving under both kinds when almost everything else is up for grabs.They'll die before they let this pass away (as it should).

Wanna know why?

Subconsciously (in most cases) it affords twice the opportunity for sacrilege.

Look, only an unbeliever would call the Precious Blood "wine."

Can you go somewhere else?

a thorn in the pew said...

Yes, we go to the local indult. I'm staying there until the priest assignments come down which should be soon. The heresy and liturgical abuses have put me totally over the edge. I can't "re-teach" my children another year. There is a group of us nomad orthodox/traditionals that are waiting....and waiting....lol

Ma Beck said...

Subconsciously (in most cases) it affords twice the opportunity for sacrilege.

THAT - is an excellent, disturbing point.

I pray that you get a solid, orthodox priest.

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Well, I cannot think of anyother, er, "inspiration" *cough* that can lead priests and Bishops and the lay to blow off so many norms and rubrics and fight tooth and nail for this...NON-ESSENTIAL!

Under both kinds is a non-essential. Obediance is an essential. They toss out an essential for a non-essential...it's about power, Jesus twice over in the hands of angry sinners, he is in their power and they love it.

This non-essential is obviously an essential to someone *cough*.