Friday, May 18, 2007

Imminent. I'll take imminent.

Motu proprio imminent, Vatican prelate confirms

They wonder why the Traditional Mass is attended by so many young people with many children. Hmm. There goes the theory of older people wanting to go all pre-conciliar. We, the post-V2 members of the Catholic church want that which is holy, sacred and not of this world. That and something with a bit less protestant flavoring added. Is it too much to ask?


Anita Moore said...

There goes the theory of older people wanting to go all pre-conciliar.

Well, we know that's flaming baloney pancakes just by the way the old people are the worst-behaved in church! It might have been true 30 years or so ago, but the oldsters of today are the "Spirit of Vatican II" types of yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Weren't too many families at our Tridentine..more middle-aged!

Ma Beck said...

Every single person in my social circle at Trid. Mass is significantly younger than me, save one, who's just a bit older. (And I'm only 34.)
I feel like the old hag.
There are a few older people at our parish (they are wonderful people) but mostly, we're a very young parish with about 8,000,000 kids under the age of 5. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but on parish picnic day, it seems that way!

Gruffhelm said...

On, I found a speech from Ratzinger, 11 days after JPII had published "Ecclesia Dei," emphasizing the point that far more "young people" were involved in the traditional movement than they had thought. Glad he at least pointed it out :)