Friday, May 18, 2007

Mary's Soliloquy

O Baby Mine! let me see Thy Face,
Let me gaze on Thee, my Beautiful One,
Ye myriad Angels, come lend your aid
While I press to my heart my Little Son.

My Babe! O God that this bliss should be
Given to me, Thy handmaid lowly;
Oh, yes! my Love, Thou art mine, yes, mine,
My Fragrant Flower, so fair, so holy.

I kiss Thy forehead, sweet Baby Mine,
Thy lips and Thy dimpled Hands so tender,
I press to my bosom Thy Heart Divine
And yearn of my care and love to render.

Dost see the bliss in Thy Mother's eyes?
Dost feel the thrill in my happy heart?
As I, wondering, gaze on my God and Saviour,
And know that in truth my Son Thou art.

Ye angels, come aid me to thank the Father,
Magnificat! let my soul now sing;
He that is mighty hath stooped to His handmaid
He hath given to me my Son and my King.

author unknown

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