Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why are First Communion gifts so silly?

I would love to find a company that made really useful, unique or practical gifts for First Communion gifts. I found these gorgeous, traditional invites(printed in Italy, still shows child at altar rail....yeah, that would happen anywhere near me) and I'm trying to order a nice gift. There aren't many and they are hard to find. I know he will get the rosary, the prayer book, the frames....sigh. Someone want to start a tasteful Catholic gift company?
(OK, "getting sidetracked" warning....)

Whilst looking, I find what I think will be a cool CD on hymns of adoration. Hmmm. Look further. Daughters of St. Paul. And then the real piece of marketing that tips the scale of interest clear back the other direction:

Eucharistic hymns sung by the Daughters of St. Paul with contemporary music

Sigh. I listened to a sample. It's just odd. Not offensive, just odd as the arrangement isn't quite solid....kinda drifty. So, I continue my search. Both for a nice gift and well performed sacred music for my listening pleasure.

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Carolina Cannonball said...

try finding a suitable 1st communion gift for an adult... RCIA. Impossible!