Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rudy. Is he even trying?

Giuliani Defends His Pro-Choice Beliefs describes how he is still a pro-abort and isn't going to change for any election. I'm sure the little bugger is still receiving the sacraments too, unfortunately. I honestly don't see a candidate worth spending the effort on as of yet. Will a sleeper emerge? I am not a single issue voter but as I have found if someone is not pro-life, that speaks volumes for how they conduct decision making and their daily life. This is a great comment:
``I tell people what I think. I tell them (to) evaluate me as I am and do not expect them to agree with me on everything. I don't agree with me on everything,'' Giuliani said. ``If that's the most important thing, then I'm comfortable with the fact you won't vote for me.''

Um, yeah. I say it's over before its officially over. I suppose you have to have a weird type of backbone to exist in the world of high-profile politics.

Now on the flip side, here is another article:
Rudy Giuliani Says He Backed Govt Efforts to Help Terri Schiavo's Family
Now, one does not cancel the other out. Rather, one just makes the other look confusing and ridiculous.

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