Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Vaccines and the satanic underbelly of medicine

Exposing the dark side of vaccines

A hot-button topic for me has always been vaccines. The Whistle Blower magazine has a feature article on how vaccines and their acceptance has crept into our doctor's offices and unless something drastic is done, we will all be infected, diseased or die from them. Our family is finally and totally vaccine free and has been for over 5 years. My doctor is not so pleased but if he roughs me up too much, he knows I will walk.
An interesting quote from the report:
At first, the new vaccines are just ''suggested,'' then they became ''recommended" by pediatricians, and before long they're ''required'' before entering public school.

I have battled with our school but not because they have an issue but because the local health department has been harsh and critical of our decision. We are told if there is an outbreak that we will be brought in and forced to comply. Wow. In America? Really? Yup. Religious waiver or not they can force you at any time they want.
I may go to Barnes & Noble to pick this up and read in its entirety as it looks to be full of new information.
How about this?
"New study links mercury to autism," documenting how the incidence of the common disorder dropped dramatically after a controversial mercury-based preservative was removed from most vaccines"

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