Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Anti-Earth Day!

Happy Anti-Earth Day to all the other Catholic nerds out there! Industry, computers, commerce, you go with your bad selves! Yes, I am being patronizing just in case it's not apparent. I told my kids they are NOT to pick up garbage today either. It can wait until tomorrow. Don't know what to do with your family today? Maybe you could have roasted eagle or dolphin over a plastic milk jug campfire. Then you can gather the kids around the bathroom and flush the toilet repeatedly while telling stories about how God is to be worshipped and not the pagan goddess Mother Earth. How about some crafts made of completely new materials? No paper towel holders, no shoe boxes or used string....get out some brand spanking new craft supplies made in the USA(or China if all the USA brands have recycled materials). I love my computer, my big ole van, my running toilet(pre-Clinton era style) and I have a few products that I am not afraid to admit punch holes in the ozone.

Here is the deal. Take care of the gifts God has given us. Don't waste and don't take things for granted. Man was given dominion over these things. The Earth should never come before God or unborn babies or for that matter be a religion in and of itself. There ya have it. Have a blessed Anti-Earth Day, fire up that computer and don't forget to thank God for all He has given us! The Earth and all that is in it!


Ma Beck said...

Visit my blog for some Earth Day delights.

a thorn in the pew said...

I stopped over....the woman with 5 kids story was great! I hope people know I am being sarcastic in my I have some hippies in my family so I get all "angsty"(made that word up) when we get to Earth Day and the lovely solstice holidays.

Anonymous said...


You say you are being sarcastic as if to make an apology of sorts but you are obviously angered by the idea of taking special care of the earth.

You see the earth as separate from God. I don't understand this and I am coming from a Christian perspective. They are inseparable. We care for one we must care for the other.

As far as unborn children are concerned. There are many. In the future they may be born onto a less than hospitable earth if we don't care about our envirnonment.

a thorn in the pew said...

It's my opinion that this country focuses to much on environmental lies to take the focus off living lives pleasing to God. The same people who "get into" the celebration of Earth Day are also lobbying to kill babies and save eagles. If environmentalist's spent as much time fighting for the right to life(HUMAN) as they do trying to save the planet, our country would be a far better place to live. "Save the planet, kill the babies" mentality doesn't make one bit of sense. We are not overpopulating the earth. We have been fed lies and my entry was menat to be tongue and cheek because it sickens me to see the focus on the global warming hocus pocus that doesn't exist.