Sunday, April 22, 2007

Father Pacwa at Old St. Mary's

It is a wonderful day here in Cincinnati and the weather is perfect. We went to the English Mass at Old St. Mary's and Father Pacwa was the celebrant. We saw a few people we knew and it was not too crowded(which was good, I get claustrophobic). The homily on today's gospel was wonderful and focused on once you receive truth, faith and Christ, do something. Don't go back to your old ways(he compared to "after Lent").
After Mass we went to a favorite German restaurant in Main Strasse, Covington. The Red's are playing so getting around the stadium was a bit of a challenge. I have a challenging week ahead with First Communion preparations and a work load that is burying me. Oh...we also saw ANOTHER sign/vehicle coming home(this is getting to be a weekly thing). Yep, the back of the truck is shown above. One of my sons, who is having a difficult time right now asked "What does that mean, why would God send us that kind of sign?" So, he will start praying for St. Michael's help when he has his troubles. I had to explain the difference between a word "sign" and a God "sign". Now I look out my window and wish I could get some sun today. Maybe some day this week.


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Would you mind adding my blog & i'll add yours?

God bless

a thorn in the pew said...

Done, nice to meet you!