Saturday, April 28, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

We are trying to get everything ordered and wrapped up for the First Communion. Today we order cake and catering and get suits to the cleaners. I thought of putting "Where's the moto proprio?" on the cake but a.) no one but my mother would get it and 2.) it's, um, not appropriate and I would be doing it just to entertain myself.(sort of defeats the purpose...haha). So, we have to decide between chicken or a local Italian joint for the food and then arrange for someone to actually pick it up. Then there is the matter of haircuts. Then, realizing all the bills that are due in the coming week and the cost of the party and such, I panicked and prayed we would have enough to cover all the weeks expenses. Now I sit here feeling pretty unworthy and cruddy in my doubt because I just got a business order big enough to cover the cost of the food and cake. What a miserable sot I am. I can never thank God, ever, ever, for all the blessings he bestows. I am so weak in the trust factor and I can't change this horrible condition no matter how hard I try. Oh Lord, If I can just make it through the next 8 days, I think I can survive about anything(except maybe a famine or the return of the bubonic plague.)

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