Friday, April 27, 2007

24. Yes, I'm a 24 fan.

Pardon me for wanting to get my attention off my spiritual woes. I am a huge 24 fan and unlike the days of watching them on DVD, this week-to-week thing is murder. The latest season has this Audrey thing where she loses her mind(in some scenes at least) in a Chinese prison. I must admit, I miss some of the old cast members and the sparkle they brought the show. This season seems tame, not many gripping blow-ups, car chases and edge of your seat cliffhangers. It's a little on the girly side or political drama with love interests, arguments and laying blame games. I'm not a "fluff" entertainment gal and about as fluff as I get would be watching "What Not To Wear". We watch 24, Survivor, Smallville, Supernatural and a few of the bad reality shows on VH1. Once the shows come to an end for summer, then we have to rely on Netflix for fun. As a side note, I find it funny that they try to fake us out on Jack's death knowing he signed for multiple seasons.

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