Sunday, April 1, 2007

Broadband in your toilet. Oh my.

Welcome to TiSP Google (Beta)
So I tried to do a search this morning and found a great new deal. Broadband for your toilet! What a concept. It's free, from Google and called TiSP. You can find the info on this concept HERE. Just read a bit and tell me this isn't just a dang weird thing. Someone had too much time on their hands and needed a great April Fool's idea and I FELL FOR IT for about 2 minutes. See what happens when people surf before coffee? This is particularly nice:
Can I still use my toilet after installing TiSP?
Do we look stupid? Needless to say, the fiber optic cable that enables TiSP will not interfere with your toilet's regular operations. For your own convenience, however, you may eventually wish to hire a professional contractor to help route the cable under, or through, the toilet seat to your TiSP wireless router.
And just in case you need a visual...

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