Sunday, April 1, 2007

Ravioli. Mama Mia!

We just returned home from a traditional Italian ravioli dinner at Sacred Heart in Camp Washington. They have a Latin(1962) Mass at 11.30 each Sunday and then we waited in line for the dinner next door. Our family was split up at tables but this was our first time going so we were just happy to get food! The lady said "Next time, don't let them split you up" We sat close, girls at one table, boys at the other, so it was cool. Ravioli time!!! from the Foodie Report has a story and a link to a feature on this tradition from a few years back. The kids had a great time and they let you get a plate of half spaghetti and half ravioli. I recommend ALL ravioli as my daughter got half and half and polished off the ravioli easy. We hope to go again next time.(Photo credit to


Sara said...

Oh YUM! Now I want Ravioli!

FloridaWife said...

How cool! Sounds like you had fun.