Monday, March 26, 2007

Sacred Music Links

I have been searching for a "traditional jukebox" of sorts to stream in my studio while I work to no avail. If anyone knows of any, please post. Chant and polyphony are my idea of traditional and most Catholic music sites have contemporary artists. Here is a midi site I found:
Hymns to God and the Church The selection is wonderful and is a great overview of how many wonderful songs we have to choose from.
Here is a top 10 list from Adoremus from 2005 of the reader's favorites:

Adoremus Readers’ Top 10

1. Holy God We Praise Thy Name (AH* 461)
2. Ave Verum Corpus (chant AH 514)
3. Immaculate Mary (AH 532)
4. Come Holy Ghost (AH 443)
5. Hail Holy Queen, Enthroned Above (AH 530)
6. Jesus Christ Is Risen Today (AH 410)
7. Panis Angelicus (AH 523)
8. Salve Regina (AH 547)
9. Soul of My Savior (AH 522)
10. To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King (AH 480)

(Adoremus Hymnal -- the Hymnal is sold by Ignatius Press.)
Then the following is a choir directors picks:
1. Holy God We Praise Thy Name
2. To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King
3. Come Holy Ghost
4. Soul of My Savior
5. Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above
6. Mary the Dawn
7. Stabat Mater Dolorosa
8. O Sacred Head Surrounded
9. Let all mortal flesh keep silence(my personal fave)
10. O What Could My Jesus Do More?
This article can be found HERE and is from Adoremus, September 2005.
If anyone knows of a good trad streaming site, let me know! I have been looking for some time.

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