Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The fog of Lent

On Monday evening we prayed the Tridentine Mass at the Cathedral in Covington for the Annunciation. It was intimate and very special. Father's homily(as usual) took me out of time and space when he spoke of how Mary's "yes" put the plan of salvation into motion and that the demons in hell quaked in fear and the angels in Heaven rejoiced. It was the first time I had such profound feeling on the Annunciation.

Today it is grey and rainy and appropriate for the way I feel. I was told upsetting news of one of my close family members of a spiritual nature last evening. Please keep our family in your prayers. So much has happened in our parish and family in the last year but some things you never see with clarity until God allows signs that all is not well. I hope one day to post about it as "good news" but until then I will pray and wait on the Lord. I have learned not to ever take my Catholic faith for granted. It is a gift to see the truth and live and die for the truth. Which reminds me, I will have to share my near-death conversion story some day when time allows. Today I am getting out orders and up against tight deadlines with my business. And I pray as I work.

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