Friday, March 30, 2007

A great story of Marian devotion and infertility.

On a blog I frequent, I found a lady with an amazing story that I had to share. (H/T to FloridaWife and THE MATERNAL OPTIMIST) Our Lady's Answer to Infertility
This is a great story and once again, I feel I am getting such great inspiration during Lent(a time when I usually feel empty and sad...I'm okay with that, I know Jesus' Resurrection is near) One more reason I find the Catholic blog community so helpful in my spiritual life. So on our vacation this summer, or perhaps even over Spring Break, I will make an effort to go to a shrine with my husband. I know of one in mid-Ohio that is wonderful!

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FloridaWife said...

Awwwww.. thanks for the hat tip!

Yes, that was a great article!