Saturday, February 17, 2007

St. Mary's in Akron OH(and my untamed vent)

It has been a busy week but I wanted to mention a wonderful church we attended while in Akron, OH. St. Mary's is a traditional parish located in downtown Akron and has a mission style architecture and a simple but comforting feel. The alter rail was still intact and they actually used it for communion. I had been to two other parishes during visits that were less than "Catholic". As we entered, the parishioners were praying a rosary prior to Mass. We were one of the smaller families there as most had 5-9 children per family. The music was all traditional and reverent. The priest was very friendly to us entering church(even though we were visitors). The homily was actually based on the gospel and readings and wasn't about social justice and how much God loves us.

If you sense a sarcastic tone, it is because we do not have such things in our parish. We are having to make some decisions about the children's school and our parish right now that I know will not be easy. I and finding myself "re-teaching" them on the way home every day because they are being taught things that are irreverent, wrong and in some cases heresy. My problem is the boys autism keeps us from moving freely in the diocese or even over into Cincinnati. We have a deadline this week and may have to keep them at their present school at least another year. While the school is somewhat conservative, the parish is leaning to the left gradually and I'm just not prepared to go there. I attended a "Peter, Paul & Mary" school/parish as a child and I'm not about to watch my kids go through that. We may have to find a parish for our Sunday Mass somewhere else and send in our envelope so they "get their money". I've talked to many people about our dilemma and while everyone feels bad, we've had no tangible advice.

The problem is three-fold: 1. 2 autistic kids, 2. I run my own business and cannot home school at the present time, 3. Lack of traditional parishes and schools in the diocese. That being said, we are at a crossroads. While most diocese have a few traditional parishes, ours really has none. While there are traditional/pro-life priests here, most have been moved to remote parishes where they are under-appreciated or not well received. As pro-life as our region is, the liberal Catholic presence has permeated every parish. The music is horrid. No other way to describe it. I realize I am venting and what started as a tribute to a wonderful parish up north, has turned to a list of "why I am not happy at my parish". I pray that God will lead my family so we know where we are supposed to be. I am most concerned about the young souls that have been entrusted to me. I will pray this weekend that I am lead to make a decision based on the goal of heaven and not one that is of convenience.

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