Saturday, February 17, 2007

Preparing for Lent the Traditional Way

I attended a wonderful CUF meeting this week and the priest presented a talk on the liturgical seasons of the Catholic Church. Specific detail on Lent and the preparation for the Triduum and Easter was of interest. I found this article on Preparing for Lent the old fashioned way. The article talks at lengths on the "mini-seasons" found in our liturgical year. This was an interesting bit of trivia:
Finally, within the week of Carnival, the last three days (the three days prior to Lent) would be reserved for going to confession This period was known as "Shrovetide," from the old English word "to shrive," or to have one's sins forgiven through absolution.

It is an interesting read and full of some background and history of Lent in the Church.

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