Monday, October 4, 2010

Update. My life went crazy

CD1 came and went. First there was anger and tears(52 days was the official count). Then I decided, at my age, I should be glad I even have a CD1(funny, ok, not really). Then I went through it, life got odd and I landed here.For some crazy reason, my business took off again. Not just an "I sold a few things" back to pre-Obama volume.So I am scrambling trying to keep up with school, get my fall and holiday stuff completed and get these orders out the door.
I've come to the conclusion if I was sitting around sulking and being bummed about things, I would be useless. I'm very busy, didn't see it coming and barely keeping up.
So this morning, I am up early with a "Femara" headache, thinking about fixing a pot of coffee and working before the kids get up.We went to the last Cincinnati Reds game of the season, it was dern cold. Today we are paying for not getting things done as we should. Especially me. This week should be equally frantic, I have school, work, installations, doctor appt. for kids, deadlines and maybe I might sneak in a trip to the apple farm somewhere in there. Mr. Thorn and I are trying to get back on HCG, it's been too long and I miss the feeling better, losing weight and energy I felt.
I'm off to either head back to bed or make coffee.I will pay for getting up early around 3:30 today.


the misfit said...

WOW that's early. Hey, HCG causes weight loss? Nobody gives me the good information...

I feel like I've missed something about your business. Have you shared that with blogland?

a thorn in the pew said...

Sorry I just discovered your comment :( Yes, you can look at my recent post about the hcg diet. I design children's clothing as a home business. Rather crazy right now but I am almost over the hump.