Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pro-life Kentucky and the domino endorsement syndrome

I have put off posting because this primary has become farcical to me. For some reason, the great people of Kentucky believe this race is something so completely new and wonderful, unlike anything they have ever witnessed. It is 2008 part deux. Obama ran his campaign as a moderate, gave hints of his "redistribution of wealth" but played it clean and smooth. No one wanted us to look at his pastor, his Chicago "friends", his Acorn associates and union ties. Now we have this radical overhaul of life as we know it unfolding and everyone is scratching their heads.
Speed forward to KY, 2010. Rand Paul, who helped his father Ron in past elections, has close ties with friends in Code Pink, anti-war activists, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, The Liberty Movement and too many others to list here. Rand Paul is "running" as a conservative republican.
Because the damage done by two so-called pro-life groups, Concerned Women for America and NKRTL, he waves those as banners that he is pro-life. Paul has never worked for a pro-life group, a pregnancy center, a women's crisis center or voted on any pro-life legislation. Do these pro-life groups only go by the answers on their surveys? Must be. Paul has a history of flip-flopping on partial birth abortion and has a quote in the news that he supports the morning after pill. So you endorse him anyway and lead thousands of good Christians astray? Or produce a 24 page explanation of why you endorsed him. If you were so sure of the endorsement, NKRTL, you wouldn't need to explain in the newsletter, then again on the website. If you were truly worried about the lives of the unborn, you wouldn't be working so hard to discredit Kentucky Right to Life Association and their endorsements. They have different criteria and they do research and have a larger voting body to manage the checks and balances of candidates. You wouldn't be working so hard to "prove" you were right. And for the CWA, stalwarts of no exceptions for using the morning after pill, why would you endorse a man who supports this method of killing children? Maybe it's all about money, for both groups. I see no other logical explanation for these 2 endorsements.
If anyone watched the debate on KET last night, Paul is avoiding the abortion issue and going vague(again) because the more he talks, the more he has to cover his tracks. The latest was a nasty letter I received that appeared to have come from a "friend" of Grayson which turned out to be from Bernie Kunkel/Friends of Rand Paul with a Virginia presort stamp on it. After looking into it, "Bernie" cropped photos together of Trey and various democrats to make it appear they are all friends. Misleading and intellectually dishonest, is it not? Kunkel contributes to NKRTL and his employer, Bavarian Waste, is a large donor to the Paul campaign. The kicker was his use of Grayson's wife and children in this mailer, to lie about their involvement in a "clean parks" campaign in Boone County. The wording made it seem like they were in scandal. I was shocked. As far as I know, this mailer blanketed Northern Kentucky. And Paul had the nerve in the KET debate to call Grayson a liar. Telling people what you believe on issues and reiterating what was spoken by you which anyone can hear online in videos is not lying. Paul does not want people to find out that his abortion page has been scrubbed and re-worded 3 times(or more). The same with the page on the Patriot Act, the Gitmo page and others. He changes it to get more votes and "broaden his message". If you want to hide your libertarian roots, Dr. Paul, your disdain for the 14th amendment, go ahead. You may just win the primary doing this. It worked for Obama, right? Why wouldn't it work for you? Even the Daily Kos is predicting he will lose the general election. I wholeheartedly agree. I do have proof of the mailer from yesterday, the scrubbed abortion page on rand2010 and can back up everything here. That is healthy debate, based on research and multiple sources. The lies, the smears, the cover-ups will be democratic fodder that will go on for months. Then what?
I'm shocked how many people are not willing to research for themselves and go on ANY endorsement as a reason to vote for someone. I have met many. Stop trusting people who are playing political chess with money and favors and look up these things for yourself. I, myself, refuse to be anyone's lemming.


Anonymous said...

Great post, as usual. How many times I have visited blog who state they voted for him and his party, but really did not know anything about him. Just a hop on the bandwagon!
In the meantime, I have something for you - I received this fro Jean @ Catholic Fire:
Although I do not like to receive awards, I put this up as more of an extension of friendship & mutual support. God love you! - A

Sally said...

Hi! A friend forwarded this to me on Facebook and I'm sure that I agree with you but I have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Can you spell this out really simply for us super distracted moms??
Thank you!!