Monday, May 24, 2010

Kentucky Politics after a needed break

I took quite a bit to post after the primary. I needed a break from it since it was emotional and frustrating. Most of my fears are now being realized as the truth about Rand Paul comes to the surface. The man who ran as a conservative republican is now surfacing as a radical libertarian(as I have known for months). I let go of the arguments, the ignorant assumptions and the loss of friends(who thought I was the one that was nuts.) I have moved on knowing that I will either be writing-in in November or hoping that the KY GOP wakes up, flexes their political muscle and gets rid of Paul.
I no longer consider myself as part of the tea party. They are not founded in principal or values. They only represent fiscal responsibility and as our Kentucky primary has shown, people are willing to forgo all conservative social principals in exchange for a rogue eye doctor who ran as a republican and is now being outed as a libertarian. I will not have a part in that. His life stance, ever evolving, is purely libertarian and to believe otherwise is disingenuous.
I have lots of "dirt" on Rand Paul. Some of it has been scrubbed from the internet after the primary(or after Maddow's show, I should say). The generalized problem with libertarian thought is that it teeters on anarchy. I doubt the GOP will be able to rebrand Paul and Adams after all the skeletons in the past.
For the record, Conway, his opponent, is pro-abort, pro-cap n' trade, pro-ObamaCare among other things. I get that, don't point it out to me.
I knew the democrats were sharpening their teeth waiting to sink into Paul quickly and forcefully. And they though Grayson ran a negative campaign? He was trying to save us from this schlock.
I will sit back and see what transpires. I don't have an iron in this fire now so I can be less emotional regarding the outcome. You can't answer the radical that is Obama with another, being Rand Paul. There are those of us in the middle that realize you are all nuts and you won't change our minds. I believe you need to have a generous serving of social conservatism or you won't get my nod. I know many who feel that way. You can't win elections without social conservatives.

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