Monday, February 1, 2010

So, are we there yet?

It's warm today, nature teases this time of year. I long for sun and flowers and green trees and yards. It will hit me like a wet towel when we get the next snow or ice storm. Oh well.
So here I sit on 400 mg of progesterone. I'm sure I will get used to it. Dr. is starting me on HCG shots next month. Oh, I am breaking out like a 16 yr old. Nice, eh? Never mind the dizziness, nausea and feeling like a drunk sailor on a rickety ship all day.
Homeschool going better. I am ahead in many subjects and realize if I am to do this well, we will need to keep my business needs and the kids needs in mind. Tricky but we are managing. We are behind in math, no shock, we will probably go into summer with math lessons. They are almost done with spelling, grammar, penmanship and we finished the first Latin book. Writing didn't go well. They received no creative writing in school so I had to start from scratch and the book was too hard. Eh, we will figure it out.
It has helped that I got two nights out in the past two weeks. One with Mr. Thorn and one with some friends. Stuff rolls off me quicker when I have been out of my crazy house for a bit.
We are hopeful things will be better this year with our parish(although what we have is much better and more stable than what we had to deal with in Kentucky) and fertility/foster/adoption. I pray God leads us down the right path. I can only do all the doctor advises, trust we are exactly where God wants us and find positives in the present.
I feel guilty when I don't blog that often. I am on Facebook more often and I "see" most of my blog friends there so I forget to keep up over here. My homeschool blog got lost in the busyness of the school year and the demands of our new schedules.
I need a nap now. Hehe. Dumb prometrium.

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