Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Doctor visit and protocol

I went to doc yesterday and I went sick. Mr. Thorn had to take me with all three Thorns in tow. I had a migraine for over 12 hours, nausea and fatigue so he looked around, said I have an infection(viral), I got two shots in the hip and we talked about the lab results. My estradiol was fine, got up to 133 but progesterone was horrid. He said it was good news because it is something we can treat. So this month, I am starting progesterone on P+3 to 12. This, with the B12 and Vit. D should get my progesterone back to a good level and push P earlier in the cycle. So we have a plan and that's a positive thing. After 5 months of failed labs, I finally have something. They tried to get labs while I was in the office for some general things(T4, wh blood cell ct, etc) and blew another vein. This is very normal for me. I have very tiny and deep veins. I have always had them, no matter how old I am or how much weight is on me. Just stinks. So I left without getting that. Last time I went to the hospital in KY for labs, there was an H1N1 parade and I was a wreck. I looked like a crazy lady with the hand sanitizers and shuffling my kids out hurriedly. We found out tonight my husband's nephew has H1N1 but he is home from hospital. I prayed in the car for him. He must be scared.

Today I am a bit better. Can't sleep much(it's late here). We went to IKEA for dinner...2.49 for the meatball dinner with fixings and kids eat free. We actually had to trade in our lighting fixtures, bought the wrong type so it was a well-meaning trip. Still trying to balance homeschool, work, house and faith and it's a tightrope. I only get through each day with God's help. I basically pray not to screw things up too badly. So far it seems to be working. Lord, just keep us well and shield our faith.

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