Friday, July 17, 2009

Weepy but steady

A little lack of sleep, a little missing my babies and some "I don't want to look at raw stuff right now" combo. I have been working on Etsy, sewing and trying to keep the kids entertained. The baby emails, the baby formula/freebies, they are all flooding in. I should have kept something on my computer while I worked to keep my mind off it all. I didn't want to talk on the phone, that's for sure. I worked with kids, gave them some craft ideas, watched 15 minutes of the news. My conspiracy theory brain now believes Obama, et all, is trying to get our bowels so much in an uproar that we will start a revolution and he and his croonies can lock us all up. If you think I am way off base, that's okay. This is what happens when my mind takes over, strays from prayer and has no caffeine in sight.
I'm anxiously awaiting my peak day, I want to get these tests done and get on with it. I feel like I have a huge pause button on my life right now. Oh, I have lost 12pounds so far, for anyone interested in how the raw thing is going. I am not 100% and I am floating around 75% raw. That's okay with me for now. I will adjust as need be.
I am moving forward with the homeschool co-op. I wasn't 100% sure, I wanted to homeschool to be in control of the kid's education and I feel that I am surrendering some before I even get started. It's one day a week, if things go horribly awry, we will take another route. For now, this is where I am.
I will be sewing for the next 12 hours...get these orders OUT. The weather is going to be cold, you know, global warning and all. So I might as well sew. I need to get fish sticks in the oven for the little ones. Mr. Thorn had to work late, he got a semi-national account so all is well. Now I need to come up with a raw dinner....for us. Probably going to go off a bit and do lox, sprouted bagel and goat cheese. Bad, mama.

Ok, an update. Having salmon for dinner. Also, blog friend, Sew Infertile had a big announcement this week(my bright spot, yeah) and a friend of ours found work this week after being out for many months(another yeah). Thank you, blessed mother, for your powerful intercession. Hope is alive and my house smells like garlic!

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Sew said...

Please sew me whatever you want! ;) hahaha! AAAAAHHHHHH!!! I am SEW FREAKING EXCITED! I hope it's a girl just for your gracious offer! I am sew excited and I can't thank you enough!!! :)

Sorry it took me so long to respond to your offer I was out of town. :) Just returned today.

Congrats on the weight loss!!! That is smashingly fantastic! I would love to come over and eat all of your food! :)

I hope you feel better soon...xxooSew