Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fertility, peaches and heat

Here we go:
A. I had an official "10CKL" this cycle so I got for the hormonal screen on Tuesday(yeah).
B. We went to a farm in Hebron and a farmer's market in Burlington on Saturday(yes, in the pouring rain) so I have amazing peaches, melon, beans, fresh basil and on and on....(yes, I'm still raw).
C. Summer is back and we are rightfully in the 80's again.

I have been spending time with kids, weaning off of some of the boys meds I want to get rid of, spending time making raw foods, helping with the homeschool blog....
Anyway...still here. I will definitely be posting updates from the fertility front as soon as I know more. Just glad to NOT have a dry cycle. I hope one day I can say "never give up hope" when it comes to baby wishes. Until then, we keep plugging along.

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Beth said...

I am hoping the same thing Thornie. Praying for you!