Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Long time, no blog

Busy, busy, busy. I have had a crazy week. We have been busy with homeschool Latin, planning, first Saturday, cleaning and other various tasks and errands. This running a business and homeschooling is going to get tricky. I have had to have "news free days" over the last week just to keep my sanity. I don't know how regular my blogging will be. We were supposed to start Latin classes at Old St Mary's this week and something crazy happened and no one returned phone calls about what the decision was on time, place, etc. So we started Prima Latina here this week and are now on Lesson 2 plus finished all pronunciation. I tried to go over what conjugating and declensions today and they flipped out. We will need to scale that back a bit. I'm dealing with issues the boys teachers have had(no raising hand, calling out, etc) and I need to find a consistent way to handle this. I can tell I will also need to do something fun to make this stick and keep their interest long term. Now that we aren't traveling for Latin class, I need to come up with a long term schedule. Sticking it in various places isn't working. I have to, have to keep my kids on a schedule down to the half hour from morning until bed. Even for weekends. So that is my project this week. Make Latin fun, finish schedule and somewhere in there, make some money to pay bills. This is daunting.

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