Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life really, really fast

Another Latin lesson today and middle son is boycotting homework. Lovely. This is not a good sign and I am glad we are doing this test run with a few subjects. I will need to research how to deal with this from an asperger's mom point of view. I can't fight this, for sure. Too much going on.
I missed the Eucharistic Procession this weekend as a result of a really bad reaction to mold in some items from our old house. I was lucky to make it to Mass Sunday. Most of my friends went and I hope there are more opportunities like this. It shows some promise in our diocese.
I have a co-op meeting tonight for next school year. We hope this goes well. I'm still nervous about our curriculum consult being in late August. I don't know if I can keep them busy that long with no books. We have two subjects over the summer and I will have to add more if need be.
I have been doing really bad on the cycle thing this month. Day 18 and no sign of anything 8 or 10 related. No idea, could be stress. I need to go back and get some refresher lessons. I was supposed to get hormonal testing on P+3. Sigh. Frustrating.

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