Monday, May 4, 2009

St. Gianna and First Communion

O Jesus, I promise you to submit myself to all that you permit to happen to me; only make me know your will.
Saint Gianna Beretta Molla

I am busy catching up on orders and life today after a very busy weekend. The first holy communion for the littlest Thorn was beautiful. All the sufferings and anguish was worth that one day. I have to thank Jesus for such a beautiful day. So many things could have happened but the day was very memorable and lovely.

I finally got some "clear as a bell" signs to homeschool so we are on our way. I will post more on this later. We have no idea what we are in for. I'm sure of that. I am trusting God blindly on this one. Money, room to teach, sanity, my business...these are all unknowns to me. For now, I will be patient, wait on the Lord and hope that I stand strong against whatever lies ahead.


allyouwhohope said...

Congrats on the First Communion!

I just LOVE that quote from St. Gianna. I mean, it can be a scary proposition to submit ourselves totally, but she is such a great model. And I always struggle with deciphering God's will, so I like that she prayed for that as well.

Sew said...

Sounds like you have a beautiful day and some busy days ahead of you!

Ken said...

I'm interested to hear what happened to make you decide to homeschool!