Monday, April 27, 2009

Wild weekend

We have no A/C(again). My little one was bit by a neighbors dog last night(not restrained) and I'm quite exhausted. But, on the upside, I do not have the swine flu. I cannot get ahead of my business orders, which is frustrating. I need to have a whole day of solid work where I am not tired. I have to take my son to the local hospital here for an appointment and I hope they don't stab us with vaccines as we walk in the door. This was the main reason for not taking my daughter to the hospital last night. She hasn't been vaccinated, is autism-free and I would like to keep it that way.
We had a meeting with Father yesterday to make sure she was ready to make her first communion yesterday. It went well, he tried to trip her up a few times but she left disappointed he didn't ask her some of the questions she was ready for. I'm relatively cool right now. We went to Walmart and bought 2 new fans just in case, and we are using them. I will have to find a way to offer up any sufferings this week. I just need to feel morre motivation(from some energy fairy).
I did want to update that while Fr. Ruazi is better, I do not think he is having Mass Sunday(unless he doesn't know it...haha). So this weekend, the special Mass is in the air. I just wanted to update on that.

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