Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Florida update

I have been negligent in updating my blog. We have been in the Tampa Bay area for over a week and the place we are staying has no wifi. We had to upgrade our phone account so I could keep up with business matters and I have been doing little else on the computer. We are heading back today and I will have to face a pile of backlogged orders that accumulated while we were gone. We were able to attend the Tampa Tea Party this week and I will post some photos when I have time this week. The fervor was different than the one in Cincinnati in March. People are more passionate and upset by the arrogance of government. I will have to brave the unknown tonight and go to a ...gulp...Saturday night Mass. It is that or miss Mass completely. We will be on the road for over 18 hours and have no idea where we will be and when we will be there. I will try and update on the road, if we have the capability. It's been a rough trip on the "kid front". I think my family knows why I am hesitant to home school. The got a taste of my life and it wasn't pretty. Our public and private lives are very different. We try to be as normal and productive as we can. Some days I wave the white flag a lot sooner than others.


Anonymous said...

Saturday Evening Mass was originally instituted for workers, emergencies, and especially service providers, to be able to attend Mass they otherwise would miss through no fault of their own, without being excused and commuted to a Monday by a priest. Be at ease; you did what you must, and it was necessary. God love you!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I'm sorry that you can't seem to catch a break. Prayers for your children being sent up right now.