Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Connecticut Mess

Catholics Fume Over Proposed Law
It is difficult to see this as anything but an affront coming from an anti-Catholic state like this. I have been trying, during Lent, to not let news and politics put me over the edge. Putting lay people in charge of more parish life(than they have all ready) scares me to death. I have seen, in my own history, a parish influenced in both ways. Ultimately, the hierarchy should have control of a parish, period. I do believe in some transparency when it comes to monies donated. I have seen what happens when money is taken up for a special need of the parish only to have it wiped out by something no one approved of. That is not the norm. My history means next to nothing because I have had a weird history that I hope and believe are not the norm.

I have been so busy with work, making up for the illness and recovery from surgery that put me behind. With the economy, I am having to re-invent my business to stay profitable and timely. Hence, the light blogging. My life needs "catching up" and this may take awhile. We have a vacation, taxes, a first communion... Anyway, I hope to get energy and push through to get things tied up and normal again.

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