Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blog give away winner

Thank you for all who prayed and entered. Since I have...erm....a little fabric stashed(haha), I will be doing another one in the future. I promise we did it fair since both little Thorn and I just went to confession on Sunday, we scrambled all the papers, cut evenly and she pulled one from behind her back. I did not, however have my lawyer present for the drawing. I may have to do that next time.
We have had really bad weather here and normally I don't like it and suck at driving in it but having a horrible cold, that is going into my chest now, so I uber suck at driving in this. They have not touched our complex with salt or a plow. I must go out and battle this today taking the boys to therapy, picking up from school. I need to get human again quick.

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Anonymous said...

I'M SO EXCITED!!!! THANK YOU!!! but i'm sorry you're sick and have to get out in this mess.