Sunday, January 4, 2009

The words of Elvis

I am up late(again) and watching Huckabee on Fox. The step-brother of Elvis, Rick Stanley, said something that struck me as quite accurate during his interview. Although I am Catholic, practice my faith and feel committed to Christ, these words hit me as remarkable. Here is a quote that include Elvis' advice from another interview Rick Stanley had:
On the day before Presley died, Stanley told Elvis that a friend of his was telling him about Jesus and how she was praying for him. "Elvis Presley, at 42 years old, looked at me and said, 'Ricky, she's telling you the truth.' Then he said, 'People who talk to you about Jesus really care.' I talked with Elvis for a while … then left to run an errand." When he returned to Graceland, Elvis was dead.

On the night of his death, Elvis prayed, "Dear Lord, please show me a way. I'm tired and confused, and I need your help." A few minutes later, he looked at Stanley and said, "Rick, we should all begin to live for Christ." On the previous day, Stanley heard Elvis praying, "God, forgive me for my sins. Let…people…have compassion and understanding of the things I have done." **

It is sad that Elvis has become such a cult/parody in our history. He was constantly battling a stereotype, addictions and the bad influences that trailed him throughout his life. He was constantly falling away and finding his way back to the Lord.

The people who have had the most influence in my life and I know care about me deeply, talk to me about Christ. If someone talks to me(or others) about Jesus, they truly care. They are Christ to others. I hope I can be that in return. When I talk to people about Christ, it is out of love and care for their soul. Whether they accept what I say or not, that I cannot control. You cannot talk to someone about Jesus without earnest care for them, a love that only can be infused with the love of Jesus, His example.
Maybe the next time I am afraid of being rejected, shunned or looking foolish, I will remember those words(yes, of Elvis). If I don't, who will? Aren't we all called to be Christ to others?
(**This quote is taken from "Defending Elvis," published by Risen Magazine.)

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Kit said...

Elvis' gospel songs are some of his best work - he's always struck me as such a sad, troubled soul - his faith was clearly present but corrupted by the celebrity lifestyle.

And yes I remember where I was (at age 9 or so) in the car with one of my dad's dental assistants when the news of his death hit the radio...