Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When we think we know

"The plans of men tend to be exclusive and close-minded. The plans of God, instead, ask us to risk and try an adventure.

All of us, when we start on a new path, have human plans, natural ones, and even beautiful ones. But we are witnesses that, in carrying out our own plans, we fail. God is enlarging our horizens. What we are experiencing now is not a human plan, but rather we are abandoning ourselves to the plans of God.

Let us not make the mistake of remaining alone, convinced only of our own plans, of only what we want, because God tells us, 'With me you can work miracles...'

For sure, if you want to love, you have to renounce your immediate plans because without the cross, you cannot love. True love always comes with a sacrifice, and then that sacrifice becomes concrete love."

Thanks to Jeremiah 29:11

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