Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday. Some odd, some good.

We went to Mass at Sacred Heart again today, nice and normal and nothing irritating or surprising....ahhhh, peace. Excellent homily(I haven't heard a bad one yet at this and we saw many familiar faces, too. I have to say so because it's nice not to have drama and have a normal Mass experience.
The food plan is rocky but mostly because there is always prep and cooking involved and we are supposed to eat every two hours and that hasn't happened. We had all beef dogs, Skyline chili and low fat mozzarella cheese and mustard. Meh, it's food.
We had to run the dreaded stool sample over to Children's Hospital and then to the post office. On the way home, we stopped at Panera Bread and had the freakiest thing happen. The girl there accused my youngest of touching a muffin, yelled at her, scared her to the point of tears and then after I agreed to pay for it, threw it out(glaring at me while she did it). I was in such shock, we left. Left without coffee or our breakfast baked goods for the kids. I called the manager when we got home and explained what happened. He called back, said the girl cried(whatever) and said "sorry" and that was it. He actually made me feel guilty that we upset her. So I am left here, totally confused and bewildered. First, if you don't want kids touching them, enclose them(they get stale sitting out all day anyway) they had a two inch space between the counter and the glass and my littlest said "I promise mom, I didn't touch it"...not the point but that's what she said. Second, at a buffet place, kids will touch 4 cookies on the line before picking one, no one yells at them. Third, this girl is getting a paycheck at an open/non-bankrupt establishment. Does she not value having a job in this economy? Do Americans who are employed not really care what happens to them or anyone? Anytime we even think of complaining about our jobs, my husband and I back that truck up and admit "at least we have a job"...too true and so thankful. So, that's my good and odd day. It's probably partly my fault for spending what should be a day of rest and keeping holy the sabbath at a Panera(as short-lived as it was). Maybe that was a smiting. I told my friend, my mom, kind of unloaded it and I am fine now. I was angry but now it is more confusing than anything else. Who does that?
On another note, my friend linked me to a website that has children who came her from Russia to be adopted and out of all of them, four are returning with no adoptive family. This is haunting me and won't leave me. They look to be the oldest children of the group, most all were 13 years old and I can't tell you how it breaks my heart. I would take in every child if we had the is hard to fathom the sorrow in that flight home to the orphanage while others found families. I'm so sad over this. The adoption thing is bad for me(as much as I want it) because I want them all, to rescue and love and hug....anyway, it just makes me nuts how emotional and grief laden this may become(if God calls us to adopt). It doesn't help that I have three years of Russian from my undergrad years.(Who takes Russian?) Here I am Lord, let me know your way....

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Dymphna said...

So sad. 13 is too old for most parents. That's too many years of damage to try to fix.