Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I miss it. A lot.

We had to go to our old parish tonight for a first confession meeting(excellent idea, old parish didn't have this) and it made me sad. I miss being there, I miss our priest, the church, the people, the security...just about everything. It feels odd still, being kicked over the river(so to speak). I get why things happened, the way they happened(sort of). I just don't see the Covington Diocese being orthodox/tradition friendly anytime soon. The people responsible for bringing the EF to All Saints in Walton are gone and it is too unstable for us. I can't commit to another odd situation where we might get the boot again. We are weary and need security and sameness(for a few reasons). Some people may be okay with parish hopping every week, I can't do it. With special needs kids and other circumstances, it is too much for us. The priest at Sacred Heart told us that the new Archbishop seems very positive about the Latin Mass Community in Cincinnati and read a letter of appreciation to us before the homily. I literally got choked up. He may have no idea how much that means but to our family, it goes miles. We are not some ghetto group trying to cause trouble. We are asking for a place to worship where we can share what God has given us with the parish and the diocese. We have a lot to offer. It is not desired in the Covington Diocese so we have chosen to go where we are wanted and appreciated(as nothing more than humans and Catholics).
Anyway, I just got melancholy tonight. Our "red books" were still in the back. The church looked the same and I miss our priest there. No one can no how difficult it was to lose twins, so tiny and young, with no priest to ask "how are you?" or "let me know if you need to talk". I suffered with my family(when I could) and my blog(friends). I still hurt and feel I don't have closure like I thought I would by now. So there. I read about a priest who passed this week after being at the same parish for 50 years. Wow. That would NEVER happen here. Which is why people, for the most part, feel no loyalty to a parish for very long. The priest is never there long enough to become close to the people. I remember those days from when I was young. I don't understand why it changed. Priests(diocesan) live a lonely enough life as it is. Why rob them of a solid parish "family", too? I don't get it. I will pray for this diocese. It needs it(bad).
We need to plan out sacraments for our youngest and meet with the new parish for specifics. I wish our diocese was more FSSP friendly. It would only benefit the diocese , as a whole, and save the MANY that are now SPPX from staying away from Rome. Once that new (SPPX)church is complete(the walls are up and looks closer to completion in Walton), I feel we will lose some of the ones that attend the EF in our diocese now. Lost souls doesn't sit well with me. Especially when it can be avoided. Maybe my prayers need to be different for something to happen. Right now, I have to be obedient to my husband and care for my children. The diocese will come far after that.


Alexander said...

Well, you can attend an SSPX Mass and not be a lost soul (Rome has said as much). I wouldn’t recommend it though unless it’s your only TLM option.

It’s a shame that some in the Church like to move priests around. I don’t know where I read it but I read that moving them around so frequently helps in stifling Traditionalism in a diocese.

Also, how do you like Fr. Wojdelski’s homilies at Sacred Heart (that is if you’ve had the pleasure of him being there yet)?

a thorn in the pew said...

I'm not talking attendence, they are building a church in Walton that is near completion. And there are TLM near so that isn't an option.
My mother especially loves his homilies but yes, they are wonderful. Moving priests around has helped foster liberalism in our diocese. All of us whose faith means something leave a parish when a solid priest is ripped from us. Those who don't care about the liturgy, the priest or their faith, stay. Bishop Hughes had mastered it. Now we have to make do the best we can. I hope things are good in Dayton. They sound so much better. I don't know about you but I really miss Fr. Fitzgerald. Sigh...

Alexander said...

Yeah I miss Fr. Fitzgerald too. Dayton seems fine, unless I'm not aware of something.